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I have been doing CrossFit and working with Coach Mike on my nutrition for a little over a year now. I know it will sound cliché but, Coach Mike’s nutritional coaching has changed my life. I was getting migraines almost every other week, I had stomach issues and really just never felt good. I saw many doctors, including naturopaths and a neurologist, who did numerous tests with no results or solutions. With Coach Mike’s nutritional coaching, I now rarely have migraines or stomach issues and feel great! Not only do I feel great, I look great! I have never been so lean and felt as strong as I do with Mike’s coaching. The best part, I’m eating more than I used to and it’s all foods I want to eat. This has transferred greatly to my workouts as well. I feel so much better in the gym and with Mike’s coaching and encouragement, I’m able to push myself to do workouts and weights I never would have thought I could do.


Coach Mike really listens to my needs, my goals, and how my body is responding to changes. He is so knowledgeable and it is very clear that he cares about his athletes.

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