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I’ve never been one that took “dieting” seriously.  Over the past couple of years, my motto was “I Crossfit so I can eat whatever I want”.  It wasn’t going too badly for a while, but then the numbers on the scale started to creep up.  So my solution to that was to starting eat less and less food (because that is always the answer, right??).  Back in January 2017, I decided that I had to do something.  I had reached 178lbs and I was horrified.  So I started a dieting plan with my 2 best friends.  By April, I had lost 16lbs.  I was happy, but soon realized that the plan was not sustainable for me.  Before I knew it, I was right back at 175lbs.  I had seen on Mike’s Facebook that he was doing nutritional coaching on top of the athlete training.  In July, I contacted Mike and asked for his help.  He was super encouraging from the get go.  I decided to have him write me an actual meal plan.  He gave me meals and snacks to eat (foods, pictures, and where to get each item). I started on July 27th, and quickly started seeing improvements.  I was tracking my food each day.  I was shocked because I was eating WAY more food than I was before and the weight was just dropping off.  I have had struggles throughout my weight loss, but each time, Mike encourages me and gets me back on track.  He had given me information on the flexible dieting , but having to figure out the numbers on food scared me, so I just always stuck to the exact food he had given me.  Then in the beginning of November I decided to give the whole flexible dieting a shot.  I spent about 20 minutes one night trying to play with different foods for the next day to get my numbers.  And it worked!  I was able to go to Panera and have my favorite sandwich!  It was awesome!  Since then, the lightbulb has just clicked and I’m totally onboard with the flexible dieting!  Mike has given me the tools to be able to eat what I want, and still lose the weight I need to.  It takes some planning, but it’s totally worth it!  As of December 2, I am down to 151.6.  Thank you Coach Mike for all your help on this journey!  I’m excited to see where this path takes me!

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