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Let's just say...  this guy right here mike Dolan was a life changer for me , before I was with mike , I was doing terrible things for my body that only halted my growth and weren't really helping me as an athlete. I made it clear to him that I wanted to make the 2017 Reebok crossfit games in January 2017, he said , ok we are going to make it there, I will get you there James ... I put all my trust into this guy and his programming and his training methods and styles, no matter how much of a struggle it was and was able to make it and take 4th in the world with him by my side the whole time, he is such an incredible coach and man and is always in high spirits and has a smile on his face. If your looking to reach any goal and need assistance in nutrition , fitness , or anything , mike is your man.. TRUST his process because he will lead you to victory, I wouldn't be who I am without mike and I'm thankful beyond earth for my relationship with him!

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