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I’ve only been doing nutrition with Mike for a short time, but in that time I have lost 10+ pounds and I’m still in the market for a new belt since my old one is basically useless now. I know I have a long way to go before I reach my “goal weight”, whatever that undecided number is, but I know that if I trust the process and follow the steps I’ll get there in no time. Changing my eating habits was, and still is, hard but being able to eat foods you love and not feel guilty about it has been a huge game changer for me. I’m the person who has tried every diet under the sun and nothing ever stuck. I needed a lifestyle change, not another diet, and that’s exactly what I got from Mike!

I’ve played soccer forever and while my technical skill has gone down since I finished my competitive youth soccer stint, I noticed that my cardio has actually improved. I play full-field, 90 minute games with no rest and don’t come out the other end feeling like I’ve actually died. Let me emphasize that I haven’t been working on being able to run for long periods of time, that has just been a very cool side effect of the whole process. Not only has my cardio improved but my performance in the gym as well. Because of Mike’s nutrition guidance and programming I’ve been able to work around previous injuries while still making progress on my lifts. Just as I was losing hope and modifying everything because of hip, back and knee pain, Mike came to save the day. Now, most of the time I am pain free, not just in the gym but all the time!

I have never had a coach that could so quickly analyze exactly what kind of support and direction I need in that moment. And not just with me, but with every single person in the gym, he can tell what each person needs in order to get the most out of their workout. On a number of occasions I have been able to lift something I didn’t think I could, and I’ve seen others do the same with Mike’s genuine support and encouragement. He knows when and how to push you to be your best.

The only frustrating thing with this process is how often you’ll have to buy new clothes because your old ones are too loose.

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