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I have worked out with Mike in group setting for the last two years and have really enjoyed his teaching style.  Mike makes going to the gym fun with his enthusiasm and his genuine interest in client results.  I have always worked out to some extent, but recently I have witnessed the biggest changes in my overall athletic performance and physique after working with Mike on my nutrition.  My overall goals were to get back into shape and maximize my nutrition to help increase my stamina for mountain and road biking.  Mike’s advice and planning has helped me to go from off and on diets to a more holistic change in my approach to nutrition.   He has helped me to develop a realistic plan that allows for the flexibility needed for everyday life – helping me to come up with a strategy to deal with weeks of work travel and meals out, as well as how to fuel my body to prepare for longer weekend bike rides.  Over the last three months I have had a noticeable change in my overall fitness which is directly tied to a more consistent approach to diet and nutrition.  I cannot recommended Mike’s coaching highly enough. 

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