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Pair your training plan with an effective and simple nutritional coaching service. 


We provide personal daily macronutrient (Protein/Carb/Fat and Fiber) targets for each client, directly with their goals. This service is available to both CrossFit Issaquah members and non-members.


Our approach takes into account your entire lifestyle, average caloric intake, and goals.


Nutritional Coaching includes:

  • A set goal of daily macronutrient targets

  • Weekly email check-in with your nutrition coach

  • Access to the Crossfit Issaquah Nutrition group on Facebook 

  • Shopping guide, and macronutrient "cheat sheet" to help you get started 

  • Email support for specific questions, comments, and concerns


We can work with any setbacks or challenges. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with all clients, no matter what their health and/or dietary restrictions may be.


This is a 3-month commitment. Get started today or schedule a free consultation to learn more.


CrossFit Issaquah Members (membership add-on) $77.25/month (plus tax)

Non-Members $103/month (plus tax)







Click on the testimonials below to hear their stories

50lbs down still enjoying waffle fries and beer

Finally found a diet that helped me lose 25lbs and keep it off

25lbs down and a reawakened love for fitness

Lost 10lbs while traveling for work and increasing my endurance

Goodbye freshman 15

From Paleo to Macros; 17lbs down eating more than ever

Grad School student with past diet struggles, 11lbs down and counting

Finding balance and leaning out after Collegiate Soccer

Teacher, Fiance, Athlete 

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