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Personal training is a great opportunity to get one on one attention that is geared toward helping you reach your goals. In an individual session, we are able to target specific needs and work around any limitations more effectively. 


We currently offer singles sessions, as well as a discounted twice per week option.

1 session per week $100/session (plus tax)
2 sessions per week $75/session (plus tax)

Want to double up and share the experience with someone?  Book a couples session; whether that's you and your significant other, friend, or gym buddy. It's a great way to stay accountable and have fun getting fit together.


1 session for two people $130/session (plus tax)

Accessory programming is a great option for anyone looking for extra help with weight loss, conditioning, muscular development, prehab/rehab, or extra skill work. 


Every athlete is unique. We take the time to get to know you so we can better map out your goals moving forward. This is for both CrossFit Issaquah members and non-members. 


The accessory program includes: 

  • 3-4 days of extracurricular class work sent via google doc every Sunday night 

  • Each accessory segment is 20-30 minutes 

  • Can be done before or after class depending on what type of work you’re doing 

  • Detailed descriptions and demo videos provided for new/unfamiliar movements

  • Space for notes and feedback to communicate with your coach at the end of each workout



CrossFit Issaquah Member (membership add-on) $51.50/month (plus tax)

Non-Members $51.50/month (plus tax)






If you’re ready for specific results, it’s time for a program designed specifically for you. Based on the principles of our own gym's program, remote online coaching will help you reach your goals faster and enjoy your training more with a coach to support you one on one.

Every athlete is unique, so we take the time to get to know you and map out your goals. We work together to craft a program that motivates you, challenges you, pushes you when you need it, and supports you in periods of rest.

With individual remote coaching, you will:

  • Take the uncertainty out of your programming by knowing exactly where you’re headed and what to expect

  • Be held accountable by your coach, who will also motivate you and support your path

  • Have eyes on your weekly results and regularly review your programming so it evolves with your achievements

  • Enjoy an engaging, challenging program created just for you!

CrossFit Issaquah Member (membership add-on) $128.75/month (plus tax)

Non-Member $169.95/month (plus tax)



50lbs lighter with a new lease on life

James Sprague, 2017 14-15 year old CrossFit Games Athlete


6lb muscle gain and eating what I want

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