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I started crossfit about a year ago with very little knowledge about how it works or what counting macros entailed. For years, I used to think that I could over train and that would make up for my poor diet. I was always disappointed when I didn't see any results from all my hard effort in the gym and would continually give up eating healthy because to me it didn't work. I thought counting macros would be incredibly difficult and avoided it in the first year of my crossfit journey. I felt myself getting stronger but I was still unhappy with how I looked and felt during workouts. I enlisted the help of Mike to see what I could do to see the results I wanted. In the beginning, Mike made sure this was the right fit for me as I was entering my masters program around the same time I started his nutrition coaching. Mike truly cares about his clients and willingly listens to all the worries, struggles, and setbacks I faced each week. In only 3 months, I have lost 14 lbs and have dramatically increased my confidence. I've also seen a huge increase in my stamina and energy during workouts and throughout the day. Mike not only focused on what I ate, but how food impacted how I felt. Previously forcing myself to eat only salads and copious amounts of chicken wasn't going to be a lifestyle change I needed to reach my goals. I was able to continue to eat the things I love and not have to sacrifice what I want to eat for what I should eat. I'm not afraid of enjoying myself with friends and family at restaurants because I have learned to plan macros around my life, not let macros control my life. I couldn't thank Mike enough for his unwavering support and encouragement throughout the last 3 months as I have reached goals I never thought were possible!

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