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I met Mike Dolan earlier this year at my local Crossfit gym. I was new to Crossfit and weightlifting and unsure of a lot of the movements. I immediately liked Mike because I could tell he cared about his clients, the coaching advice he was giving, and the goals his clients had. Mike is passionate and knowledgeable about what he does and it shows through his attention to detail. He would watch me do a movement and give me immediate feedback to improve my form. His consistent coaching helped me feel more comfortable with the movements and led to continuous PR’s. I began personally working with Mike in August 2017. I asked him to help me lean out and build muscle. He was eager to talk about my goals and formulate a plan to help me reach them. He became my nutrition coach and we also started personal training twice a week. He provided a plan for my nutrition with specific numbers to hit each week. With weekly check-ins and advice on what to tweak in my diet to hit the numbers, I was able to build muscle easily. Additionally, the personal coaching I received from Mike was tailored to my goals and needs. He was prepared for each training session and showed me each movement by breaking them down before asking me to do them. Through constant feedback and encouragement during our training sessions, I was able to push myself and see substantial results within just 2 months. I gained muscle, leaned out, and most importantly, felt strong, healthy and happy with myself. 

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